ØV. (i'm just a hoodlum, not bryan)


…don’t take this the wrong way, you put me in harms way…

Q: Bryan wants to leave the Band???!!!#$%^&*(*&^%$#

haha he already left

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The Calm Before The Storm


Sitting by the terrifying sea. Parched. Looking at that white, foamy, salt-water & wanting to indulge & drink it until I’m full. But I’ll just need more. I’ll throw it up & drink continuously to envelope my never-changing cycle of ingesting what will only retch again. Yet I submerge my head. I continue to conquer my fears. I now find solace in the silence underneath the blue. I find comfort in knowing i’m with millions of living animals such as myself. I open my eyes to see this wonderful place, this strange depth & darkness in which I have found love. But I am only met with pain. The sting. Suddenly I can’t hold my breath with my new found brethren. I don’t fit in here. I don’t belong here. I reluctantly re-emerge & there is no silence.

Forget about it;

What you knew.

What you thought you knew.

What you felt.

What you thought you felt.

Embrace it;

What you’ll see.

What you think you’ll see.

What you’ll know

What you’ll think you know.

____ minds.





It’s time to taste the fruits of your labor & to plant the next ever-growing seed that is life incarnate. Sing to it. Let it grow, let it harvest. Consume it.