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alright guys… i’m about to shamelessly promote myself… but i promise i wouldn’t do this unless what i’m about to say is cool as fuck. without further ado, i am requesting you to check out (and follow if you like) my music blog, audiofeedback. it’s a lot like this blog, but instead of just the nbhd/bryan, it’s a lot of bands that i think people should be listening to.

i’ve been keeping this pretty under wraps for about six months now just because i wanted to create some good content before its official premiere. some of you found me previously and are already following me. (thank you!) but with that being said, i have good content, but i want great content. and that comes with having a bigger audience. so the more people that view my blog, more opportunities. (and cooler content!)

so check it out, and be sure to follow if you like it!



get olivver's acoustic session with kx 93.5 now! (dwnld)

Q: did we just find out bryan can't sing?:[

lol what i thought he sounded great

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Q: What did you think of Bryan's live set?

i honestly haven’t listened to it yet but i’ll go give it a whirl

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